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One of the perils of being one of the more specialized upper level staff members in a support organization is that during peak periods, you get to do the gruntiest of grunt work to help out the front line folks who are doing the crap you clawed your way out of years ago.

Ok, well, I'm always all about supporting the support staff, but I think I've hit my limit. Our voice mail system sends .wav files to the exchange server. This is very cool. I, and several other folks who are paid far too much to do this but we have no funding for temps, then access that mailbox, listen to each .wav and then create a case in Remedy. That puts it into the normal work flow for the lovely folks who actually deal with the users.

I'm sooooo sick of doing this. Plus, my hand is aching from writing the stuff down long hand before typing it in (that's the only practical way - I know, I tried).

There's not enough tequlia in the universe to make this right.

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It's ALIVE!!!!!!

Yes, yes, I live. I have resolved to do better about keeping up here. I'm currently sitting at the deli on campus digesting a wonderful French dip (no comments from the peanut gallery... oh, shoot, yes, a slow oven and plenty of barbeque sauce works wonders - but I'd probably want to go for a marinara for an Italian dip... just don't see too many Italians around here for some reason).

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I live!

Life's been busy. Hectic. Insane, even. Between all the stuff in RL, then the LJ idiocy on top of it, I've been off-kilter a bit. ;-)

Just wanted to touch base and swear I'll get caught up on my flist one of these days. ;-)
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Freddy, Michael and The Big Bad Wolf

So, a discussion spun off from a discussion in nialla42's LJ. (Cuz we didn't want to take over Nialla's LJ. ;-) We started out talking about parents, kids and online stuff and wound up talking about horror movies. I made this comment in response to gategrrl saying she found slasher films too intense (please correct me if I'm paraphrasing incorrectly) to watch. She mentioned the random violence and the meta-message. The following is my response:

"I find the meta-message fascinating. They're modern fairy tales (the good ones, at least - some are just stupid ;-). The kids who do what they're supposed to, respect their elders, uphold their responsibilities and are nice to other people survive. The ones who engage in "socially unacceptable" behaviors, who skip out on their jobs, cheat on their boy/girlfriends, lie to their parents, taunt kids who can't fight back and are generally uncaring, unthinking bundles of hormones, die.

But if it's not your thing, it's not your thing. ;-)"

I would further like to say that I may not always agree with what society deems "socially acceptable" behavior, but I can recognize it.
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One down

I suppose this may seem crass to many, but I just can't seem to get overly worked up over Jerry Falwell's death. In micro, I'm sure his family and friends are grieving and I wish them well, but the macro impact of his death can only be positive, I think. It would have been more positive if it had happened before he'd done as much damage as he has over the years, but that's the way it is.

He was a pox upon the planet and we are richer for his loss.

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And on the eve of Mother's Day, too

My darling daughter asked if I'd get the CDs out of the car for her to listen to while she read tonight (she was already in bed). So I bring them in (one of these years, I've got to make copies so I can have them in the car and at home). She's picking through them (these are MY CDs, I might add) and finally settles on Supertramp (one of the greatest hits discs). We're talking while she's getting everything set up and telling me about this friend of hers who calls Breakfast in America "the girlfriend song". I think I've ranted about the horrific hip-hop cover of that song at least once. My darling child then taunts me about it, laughing the whole time, saying she got me the CD for Mother's Day so I'd have my favorite song. After I pretended to throttle her I went to leave her to her books and her muscial heresy and she asked me to wait. There was something she wanted me to hear.

That's when she skipped to the fifth track and played BiA at double speed. The Chipmunks do Supertramp. I snarled (ok, so I was giggling the whole time) at her and told her she was going to burn in Rock n'Roll hell for that one before closing her door and leaving her to her vampire book.

I have a seriously strange child.


I couldn't be prouder!!!! ;-):-)
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First Annual Molly Ivins Award

Keith Olbermann has been awarded the first annual Molly Ivins Award.

From the press release:

"[The award] is intended to recognize a journalist or media figure whose reporting or commentary has had a profound impact on the public's understanding of vital national issues, and whose work embodies the spirit of Ivins' courageous legacy."

I think Miz Molly would be proud.